Melanin Carota



Melanin Carota is a product from the worldwide company, Liquid Lipo Ltd.
Melanin Carota is the future of tanning, made from natural ingredients and the finest carrot root, this tan enhancing wax is like no other on the market!

Made with the highest grade carrot root,
Proven to increase the production of melanin in the skin.
It is advised that when using this product in sunlight, you use a strong SPF protector to protect your skin.


Tanning has fast become a popular activity in the western world, we often get little sunlight for most of the year and this can result in health problems such seasonal affective disorder. Sunlight has been shown to have health benefits such as improved Vitamin D production, improving fatigue and energy levels, it can help improve mood. Australian studies show those with early Multiple Sclerosis have a better prognosis with continued exposure to sun light, sunlight can also improve dermatological problems.

It is estimated in the USA alone 10 percent of the population use tanning Salons and associated products, nasal drops and tanning injections being two such products.